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Youth Empowerment

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Youth Empowerment

Youth being the backbone of society, Y4D believes that youth have a major role to play in bringing social upliftment, financial progress and prosperity in the society. Empowering the youth is essential for the development of the society as well as for the growth of an individual. Y4D facilitates harnessing and nurturing of Underprivileged youth’s infinite potential and energy for their development and prosperity thereby making them envoy of positive social change. Y4D empowers youth through the 3E Formula: Encourage, Educate and Employ. the focus area on which Y4D works to empower youth are :

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Career counselling

  • Skill Development

  • Promotion of alternate careers

  • Leadership Development

Related Projects


Build Your Future

  • Theme :- Youth Empowerment and Skilling
  • Partner Agency :- Ishanya Foundation
  • Beneficiaries Direct / Indirect:- 642 / 2568
  • Location :- Maharashtra


Y4D foundation attempts to bridge this widening divide between those who have access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginalized from the ‘new economy’ jobs. Y4D


New India Conclave

  • Theme :- Youth Empowerment and Skilling
  • Partner Agency :- Avanee Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation, Piramal Foundation
  • Beneficiaries Direct / Indirect:- 3750 / 11250
  • Location :- Delhi


Y4D Foundation in partnership with various social organization (Avanee Foundation, Aga Khan Foundation,


Youth Skilling and Employment

  • Theme :- Skilling
  • Partner Agency :- Arena animation,Bund garden, Pune
  • Beneficiaries Direct / Indirect:- 41 / 132
  • Location :- Maharashtra


Youth Skilling and Employment” is a flagship program of Y4D foundation

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