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Y4D Foundation is a youth led organization working on empowering the underprivileged section of our society. Y4D has a pan India presence through its wide network of Volunteer Chapters across the country. Y4D Foundation focused its interventions on issues concerning youth and children which brought about significant changes in their lives in terms of education, health, skill, career and sustainable livelihood. Y4D also works on Environment conservation, women empowerment, Food safety and security, . Being an organisation who cares for society, Y4D gets engaged in projects as the situation demands under natural or manmade disasters, like COVID-19 Pandemic, Flood, Drought Relief etc.


Y4D envisions shaping up of a healthy, happy and progressive society where every citizen’s lives with dignity and gets equal opportunities.


Y4D is committed to empower the underprivileged section of our society by creating an enabling environment through Encouragement, Education and Employment so that citizens can harness their full potential and live happy and healthy lives with dignity and contribute positively to society. Y4D is working towards shaping up a society which is sustainable for future generations by working on environment conservation and introducing values in society.


  • Transparency: Y4D ensures complete transparency in all our efforts and workings with Internal as well as external stakeholders of organisation.
  • Respect: Y4D ensures respect towards each individual and their views and feelings inside out the organisation despite its cast, creed, gender or color.
  • Integrity: Y4D works with integrity and ensures the dignity of all those involved in our endeavors. To comply with all laws, rules and regulations bestowed upon as part of an organisation.
  • Empathy: To be empathetic to all those associated with Y4D and ensure a high sense of understanding of the feelings of all our stakeholders.


  • Empower Youth through encouragement, education and employment to build a strong and prosperous society.
  • Work on various aspects impacting children to build an empowered future generation.
  • Empowering Citizens to live with dignity and get equal rights for them in society.
  • Creating a healthy, sustainable and Safe environment for citizens to live.

Milestones & Awards

3rd National Gomantak Goa award
Kagaay Pathbreakers Award
Purviz shroff social recognition award
Pune NGOS leadership award

Our Team

Y4D is Committed to Empower the Underprivileged sections of society and ultimately build a healthy, happy and progressive society where every citizen’s lives with dignity and gets equal opportunities, we had started the journey towards our goal by taking smaller steps towards it, I would request everyone to join us in empowerment journey towards better future.

Name Reg. No.
1) Niti Ayog (Darpan) MH/2015/0093159
2) Public Trust Act, 1950 E-7269 (24/09/2015)
3) PAN Card AAATY4684J
4) Income Tax Exemption 12AA 664/242/2015-16
80G 6974/228/2016-17
5) Foreign contribution FCRA No.- 083930725
6) Goods and Service Tax (GST) 27AAATY4684J1ZU
7) TAN 88302012554372
8) CSR Registration Number CSR00000374
Sr No Name Year Action
1 Audit Report 2015-16

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