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Digital Training & Resource Centre

Digital Technology is the boom of the century and thus Digital Literacy has become a need of the hour. However, India’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capabilities, especially in School Education remain severely challenged largely because of the low availability of IT and Digital Infrastructure in the Schools explicitly in Government schools. Moreover, not only the infrastructure but also the problem of Digitally Unskilled Teachers/ Faculty Trainees at established Digital Infrastructure setups make them unfruitful of their purpose. In order to overcome this challenge, Y4d seeks to establish a technologically enabled learning platform for government schools by setting up a digital lab having computers, and smartboards under its flagship program, Digital Training and resource center (DTRC), in order to introduce them to technical education through which they will be digitally equipped. As a result, government school students will become more digitally literate, reducing the digital gap.

  • Theme :- Education
  • Partner Agency :- Alfa Laval, Share & Care Foundation, Aadhar Housing & Finance Limited, Smiling Rocks, Altimetrik
  • Direct Beneficiaries :- 12000+
  • Indirect Beneficiaries :- 20000+
  • Location :- Pune, Thane, Bardoli, Jaipur
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