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Book for Purpose

These days, it is easy to pursue your academic education and make your career into it, as the Government and many NGOs are supporting their heart out to make education reachable to each child. But if any child wants to pursue an alternate career into their field of interest like sports, music, cooking etc then there are no resources available especially to the economically weak children. Y4D strives to fulfill this urgent need of the time by opening non-academic libraries in government schools of India. Libraries contain books in local languages focused on drama, fiction, science, sports etc. Libraries are even managed by students which could help develop management and leadership qualities in school going children.

  • Theme :- Education
  • Partner Agency :- Sarjan Charity, Hongkong
  • Direct Beneficiaries :- 35250
  • Indirect Beneficiaries :- 58108
  • Location :- Pan India
  • Donate For The Cause


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